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Your customer wants to configure LSCs and asks for specific information about which number to configure in the text box right next to the “Number of Attempts”. Which statement is true?

A.    The default number of attempts is 100.
B.    A value of 2 means that if an AP fails to join the Cisco WLC using an LSC, the AP attempts to Join the Cisco WLC using the default certificate
C.    A value of 255 means that if an AP fails to join the Cisco WLC using an LSC,the AP does not attempt to join the Cisco WLC using the default .
D.    A value of 3 means that if a user fails to authenticate,the user is disconnected after three retries.

Answer: B

Which two statements about 802.11r are true? (choose two)

A.    A PTK is generated before the client roams to the target AP.
B.    Non-802.11r clients cannot associate to WLANs that have 802 llr enabled on WLC AireOS code 8.0
C.    802.11r IS supported only on OPEN and WPA2 WLANs.
D.    This protocol uses the four-way handshake for the key managment upon roaming.

Answer: BC

Your customer is having wireless VoiP problems. When the Cisco 7925 phones roam from APtlo AP2,the voice drops out and comes back.The phones are set up for PEAP/WPA2-AES with CCKM to an external RADIUS server. The APs and WLAN are setup in FlexConnect mode. Which statement explains the issue ?

A.    PEAP with WPA2-AES is not supported with Cisco Centralized Key Management,use EAP-FAST.
B.    The APs have not been added to the FlexConnectgroup .
C.    PEAP with WPA2-AES is not supported with Cisco Centralized Key Management,use LEAP.
D.    The APs have been added to the FlexConnectgroup .

Answer: B

In Cisco Wireless LAN Controller .the transmit power level of an AP radio is assigned an integer value inserted of a value in mW or dBm.
Which two statements about the power levelare true (Choose two)

A.    The integer corresponds to a power level that vanes depending on the regulatory domain in which the access points are deployed
B.    Each successive lower power level always represents 50% of the previous power level.
C.    Power Ievel 1 is always the minimum power level allowed per country code setting.
D.    There are always eight power levels for configuration .

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. What is the best way to resolve this issue?


A.    Install a server certificate signed by a well-known public CA on the Radius Server
B.    Disable certificate checks on the client .
C.    Use the certificate authority on the Cisco Identity Services Engine.
D.    Install a server certificate signed by a well-known public CA on the WLC.

Answer: A

An autonomous AP is configured with the infrastructure -client command.
What is this command used for ?

A.    to allow more than 20 client associations
B.    to send reliable multicast traffic
C.    to enable multiple VLANs to cross the bridge link
D.    to allow only infrastructure device associations

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. At which rate are the multicast frames transmitted by an autonomous AP configured with these data rates, considering the client on the AP is a 802.11b client?

A.    36.0 mbps
B.    11.0 mbps
C.    12.0 mbps
D.    5.5 mbps
E.    2 mbps

Answer: B

Which multicast mode is recommended when configuring Media Stream on a Cisco WLC?

A.    multicast-uncast
B.    multicast-routing
C.    multicast-multicast
D.    multicast-direct

Answer: C

Which two configuration are required on the Cisco 5760 WLC to ensure that APs will successfully join the Cisco WLC? (choose two)

A.    Enable IP DHCP SNOOPING TRUST on the wireless controller port-channel interface
B.    Activate the appropnate Right-to-use AP license on the wireless LAN controller
C.    Ensure that port-fast is enabled on each access point switch port
D.    Ensure accurate configuration of the correct time and date on the wireless LAN controller

Answer: BD

which two option describe implication of deploying autonomous APs in repeater mode? (choose two)

A.    The Ethernet port is disabled in repeater mode
B.    You can configure multiple VLANs on repeater access point
C.    You should disable Cisco Aironet extensions on the parent(root) AP and on the repeater APs
D.    The infrastructure SSID should be assigned to the native VLAN

Answer: AD

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