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Which of the following two statements apply to EAP-FAST? (Choose two.)

A.    EAP-FAST is useful when a strong password policy cannot be enforced and an 802.1X EAP type that does not require digital certificates can be deployed.
B.    EAP-FAST was developed only for Cisco devices and is not compliant with 802.1X and 802.11i.
C.    EAP-FAST provides protection from authentication forging and packet forgery (replay attack).
D.    EAP-FAST is a client/client security architecture.

Answer: AC

On an ASA firewall in multiple context mode running version8.X.
What is the default number of VPN site-to site tunnels per context?

A.    0 sessions
B.    2 sessions
C.    1 sessions
D.    4 sessions

Answer: A
VPN support fpr multiple contexts came with ASA software version 9.x

Which two statements about WPA 2 in enterprise mode are true? (Choose two)

A.    TKIP generates a MCI to provide data integrity for the wireless frame.
B.    The PMK is generated dynamically by the servers and passed to the access point.
C.    802.1x authentication is performed in the second of two authentication phases.
D.    It is commonly used in home environments as well as enterprises.
E.    802.1x authentication is performed in the first of two authentication phases.
F.    Session keys can be shared with multiple clients.

Answer: BE

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the description on the left onto the associated items on the right.




Which two statement about the Cisco ASA in a transparent-mode deployment are true? (Choose two)

A.    It block all ARP packets by default.
B.    It supports QoS.
C.    It supports iBGP.
D.    It can act as a DHCP server.
E.    It performs a MAC address look to forward traffic f) It performs a route lookup to forward traffic.

Answer: DE

What functionality does SXP provide to enhance security?

A.    It supports secure communication between cisco ironport Cisco and Microsoft Exchange.
B.    It supports Cisco’s trustsec solution by transporting information over network that are unable to support SGT propagation.
C.    It support secure communications between cisco ironport and cloud-based email servers.
D.    It support cisco’s trustsec implementation on virtual machines.

Answer: B

Drag each IPSec term on the left to the definition on the right.




Which two statements about the RC4 algorithm are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The RC4 algorithm is an asymmetric key algorithm.
B.    The RC4 algorithm is a symmetric key algorithm.
C.    The RC4 algorithm is slower in computation than DES.
D.    The RC4 algorithm is used with wireless encryption protocols.
E.    The RC4 algorithm uses fixed-length keys.

Answer: BD

Which two statement about PVLAN port types are true? (Choose two)

A.    A community port can send traffic to community port in other communities on its broadcast domain.
B.    An isolated port can send and receive traffic only to and from promiscuous ports.
C.    An isolated port can receive traffic from promiscuous port in an community on its broadcast domain, but can send traffic only to port in its own community.
D.    A promiscuous port can send traffic promiscuous port in other communities on its broadcast domain.
E.    A community port can send traffic to promiscuous port in other communities on its broadcast domain.
F.    A Promiscuous port can send traffic to all ports within a broadcast domain.

Answer: BF

Which three of these are security properties that TLS v1.2 provides?(Choose three)?

A.    Availability
B.    integrity
C.    non-repudiation
D.    authentication
E.    authorization
F.    confidentiality

Answer: BDF

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about this debug output is true?


A.    It was generated by a LAN controller when it responded to a join request from an access point
B.    It was generated by a LAN controller when it generated a join request to an access point
C.    It was generated by an access point when it sent a join reply message to a LAN controller
D.    It was generated by an access point when it received a join request message from a LAN controller

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag each ISE probe on the left to the matching statement on the right.




What is an example of a WEP cracking attack ?

A.    SQL injection attack
B.    Cafe latte attack
C.    directory traversal attack
D.    Reflected XSS attack

Answer: B

Which three options are methods of load-balancing data in an ASA cluster environment?(Choose three)

A.    HSRP
B.    spanned EtherChannel
C.    distance-vector routing
D.    PBR
E.    floating static routes
F.    ECMP

Answer: BDF

You have configured a DMVPN hub and spoke a follows (assume the IPsec profile “dmvpnprofile” is configured correctly):


With this configuration, you notice that the IKE and IPsec SAs come up between the spoke and the hub, but NHRP registration fails. Registration will continue to fail until you do which of these?

A.    Modify the tunnel keys to match on the hub and spoke
B.    Configure the ipnhrp cache non-authoritative command on the hub’s tunnel interface
C.    Modify the NHRP hold times to match on the hub and spoke
D.    Modify the NHRP network IDs to match on the hub and spoke

Answer: A

Which two types of DNS attacks are associated with DoS and DDoS attacks?(Choose Two)

A.    DNS reflection attacks
B.    Resource utilization attacks
C.    DNS open resolver attack
D.    DNS cache poisoning attacks
E.    DNS amplification attacks

Answer: DE
The question itself is confusing and ambiguous though as normally whatever is DoS that can be easily DDoS (distributed DoS). According to this Cisco guide “Resource utilization attack” is still on the list of possible attacks on DNS

What are three features that are enabled by generating Change of Authorization (CoA) requests in a push model? (Choose three.)

A.    session termination
B.    host reauthentication
C.    session identification
D.    MAC identification
E.    session reauthentication
F.    host termination

Answer: ABC

Which of the following are OSPFv3 authentication options? (choose two)

A.    AH
B.    ESP
C.    MD5
D.    SHA
E.    IP
F.    GRE

Answer: AB

Two routers are trying to establish an OSPFv3 adjacency over an Ethernet link, but the adjacency is not forming. Which two options are possible reasons that prevent OSPFv3 to form between these two routers? (Choose two.)

A.    mismatch area types
B.    mismatch of subnet masks
C.    mismatch of network types
D.    mismatch of authentication types
E.    mismatch of instance IDs

Answer: CD

Which of the following are true regarding same security level interface inter-traffic communication on a Cisco ASA? (Choose three)

A.    ASA support 101 security levels and more than 101 interfaces (include sub-interface)
B.    ASA canassign different interfaces to the same security level
C.    by default, same security level port inter-traffic is not allowed
D.    ASA should activate inter-interface communication by default

Answer: ABC

Which three statements about RLDP are true? (Choose three)

A.    It can detect rogue Aps that use WPA encryption
B.    It detects rogue access points that are connected to the wired network
C.    The AP is unable to s^jrve clients while the RLDP process is active
D.    Active Rogue Containment can be initiated manually against rogue devices detected the wired network
E.     It can detect rogue APs that use WEP encryption

Answer: BCD

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the effect of this configuration is true?


A.    It prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.
B.    Replay protection is disabled.
C.    Out-of-order frames are dropped.
D.    The replay window size is set to infinity.

Answer: C

All of these are available from cisco IPS Manager (cisco IDM) except which one?

A.    Top Signatures
B.    Sensor Information
C.    Interface Status
D.    Global Correlation Reports
E.    CPU Memory and Load

Answer: A

Which statement regarding the routing function of the Cisco ASA is true?

A.    the ASA supports policy-based routing with route maps
B.    The translation table can override the routing table for new connections
C.    In a failover paire of ASAs, thestanby firewall establishes a peer relationship with OSPF neighbors
D.    Routes to the Null0 interface can be configured to black-hole traffic

Answer: B

What is an RFC 2827 recommendation for protecting your network against Dos attack with IP address spoofing?

A.    Browser based application should be filtered on the source to protect your network from known advertised prefixes
B.    Advertiseonly assigned global IP address to the internet
C.    Use ingress filtering to limit traffic from downstream network to known advertised prefixes
D.    Use the TLS protocol to secure the network against eavesdropping

Answer: C

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