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Among the design criteria for a network is the requirement that bandwidth capacity be managed proactively. Which two techniques would most effectively support the proactive management of network bandwidth capacity? (Choose two.)

A.    analyze network bandwidth utilization to establish a baseline
B.    implement QoS to increase available bandwidth and overall throughput
C.    implement utilization measurement and tracking measures in the network
D.    configure SNMP MIB collectors to trigger at utilization thresholds

Answer: AC

What are the two preferred mechanisms for detecting Layer 2 link failures quickly? (Choose two.)

A.    BFD
B.    fast RSVP hellos
C.    LDP keepalives
D.    loss of signal

Answer: AD

Which IPv4 addressing and routing scheme can increase the availability of a network service during a DoS attack?

A.    unicast
B.    broadcast
C.    anycast
D.    multicast

Answer: C

Which network management tool should a network manager consult in order to pinpoint the cause of a routing recursion error?

A.    debug (for BGP output)
B.    syslog (for BGP errors)
C.    RMON events group
D.    SNMP routing traps

Answer: A

Which resource does a TCP SYN flood attack target?

A.    connection tables on the target host
B.    send buffers on transit routers
C.    shared memory on the routers closest to the target
D.    SYN cookies on the target host

Answer: A

What are two benefits of protecting the control plane of a network device? (Choose two.)

A.    prevents the delivery of packets from spoof sources
B.    preserves the confidentiality of traffic encrypted by IPsec
C.    maintains routing protocol adjacencies with local neighbors
D.    maintains remote management access to the router

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. On R2 there is a summary route for with a next hop of R4. Which change will cause R2 to prefer a path through R1 to reach

A.    convert Area 1 to a stub area and decrease the cost between R1 and R3 to 1
B.    create a virtual link between R1 and R2
C.    create a virtual link between R1 and R2 and decrease the cost between R1 and R3 to 1
D.    change the link between R1 and R2 to Area 0

Answer: C

Which two OSPF design considerations should you implement to support the eventual growth of a network, so that CPU and memory are unaffected by the size and complexity of the link-state database in a large service provider network? (Choose two.)

A.    Turn on route dampening.
B.    Create network summaries.
C.    Turn on the Incremental SPF feature.
D.    Add more memory.
E.    Turn on packet pacing.
F.    Add redundancy between critical locations.

Answer: CE

ACME Corporation is deploying a new HR application that requires the network infrastructure to monitor and react to certain conditions in the network. Which feature should be used to meet this design requirement?

A.    Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager
B.    IP SLA
C.    reflexive ACLs
D.    route maps
E.    SOAP
F.    exit status

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. How would you redesign the network to improve availability of the routers 1A and 1B at the core site?

A.    Enable Graceful Restart Helper for OSPF
B.    Use link bundles over multiple slots
C.    Use APS Ethernet circuits and redundant interfaces
D.    Create a multichassis system with the two routers

Answer: D

Your company is designing a service provider network management solution in which customers are billed for 95th percentile network utilization. The service provider requires that an IETF standard be utilized to collect the data. Which method should be used to collect the data?

C.    RMON
E.    NBAR

Answer: A

You are creating a network design that will influence the traffic path across the MPLS core on a virtual private LAN. Which parameter is included in your design to manage the traffic?

A.    Deploy MPLS traffic engineering and modify the path using the preferred path.
B.    Deploy MPLS traffic engineering and modify the path using auto-route, static routing, or PBR.
C.    Create an MPLS traffic engineering tunnel and modify the path using a static route.
D.    Create an MPLS traffic engineering tunnel and modify the path using auto-route announce.

Answer: A

Your company needs to baseline web traffic on a per-session basis for network application reporting. Which two mechanisms, when combined, fulfill the requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    Flexible Netflow
B.    Remote Monitoring
C.    Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement
D.    Class-Based Quality of Service Management Information Base
E.    Network-Based Application Recognition

Answer: AE

AS100 and AS200 each have two peering points in different parts of their network. AS100 would like to use one of the links and keep the other link as backup. What should be changed for the design inside AS100 for prefixes received from AS200?

A.    MED
B.    weight
D.    local preference

Answer: D

You are designing a traffic monitoring and analysis system for a customer. Which traffic monitoring technique would you recommend to place the least amount of burden on the network infrastructure?

A.    SPAN monitor ports
B.    NetFlow
D.    passive taps

Answer: D

Your company requires two diverse multihop External Border Gateway Protocol peerings to a partner network. Which two methods would you use to improve lost peer detection? (Choose two.)

A.    Use Bidirectional Forwarding Detection for the peers.
B.    Use Selective Address Tracking and match the peers.
C.    Use subsecond keepalives for the peers.
D.    Use subsecond hold timers for the peers.
E.    Use Fast Peering Session Deactivation for the peers.
F.    Use subsecond minimum route advertisement Interval timers for the peers.

Answer: BE

A designer is working with a large bank to redesign their network. The designer wants to minimize complaints regarding slow application response times across the WAN. It is suspected that currently traffic is not being classified and marked correctly somewhere in the network. Which tool should the designer recommend to validate quality of service mappings and use?

A.    SNMP
C.    IP SLA
D.    protocol analyzer
E.    NBAR

Answer: B

A network design includes a long signaling delay in notifying the Layer 3 control plane that an interface has failed. Which two of these actions would reduce that delay? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable lower data link layer recovery systems to have an opportunity to restore the interface.
B.    Increase the notification of interface flaps.
C.    Reduce the time for the network to reconverge.
D.    Increase network stability.

Answer: AD

Your company experienced a number of network incidents that had a significant impact on business operations. Because a root cause cannot be identified, your CTO asks you to help the network management team implement the FCAPS framework. On which two areas would you provide guidance to the network management team? (Choose two.)

A.    change management
B.    accounting management
C.    service level management
D.    fault management

Answer: BD

What are two benefits of using BFD for failure detection in the design of a network? (Choose two.)

A.    BFD can provide failure detection in less than one second.
B.    BFD can be used as a generic and consistent failure detection mechanism for EIGRP, IS-IS,
and OSPF.
C.    BFD eliminates router protocol hello notification.
D.    BFD can be used for all types of network interfaces.
E.    BFD is independent of the network protocol.

Answer: AB

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