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What is cisco recommendation for RSPAN best practice?

A.    you should configure remote vlan first
B.    use different vlan for multiple/different switches
C.    use different portchannel

Answer: A

What is needed for Virtual Switching System “VSS”?

A.    portchannel
B.    trunk
C.    Virtual Switching Link “or VSL”

Answer: C

Which will identify the master switch in stack wise?

A.    lower priority
B.    higher priority
C.    lower id
D.    higher id

Answer: B

What happens if you apply this command “vlan dot1q tag native” ?

A.    packet will be dropped
B.    packet go to defautl vlan
C.    packet go to native vlan

Answer: C

A Switch has been configured with the Vlan dot1q tag native command.
Which statement describes what the switch does with untagged frames that it receives on a trunked interface

A.    Untagged frames are forwarded via the default VLAN
B.    it drops the untagged frames
C.    The trunked port is put in err-disabled state
D.    Untagged frames are forwarded via the native VLAN

Answer: D

An engineer is configuring an EtherChannel between two switches using PAgP If the EtherChannel mode on switch 1 is configured to auto, which modes on switch 2 establish an operational EtherChannel?

A.    active
B.    auto
C.    desirable
D.    on
E.    passive

Answer: C

switch#show standby
Virtual IP address is X.X.X.X
Hello time 3 sec, hold time 10 sec
Preemption disabled
Active router is X.X.X.3 priority 85
Standby router is local
Priority 90 (configured 90)
Track interface faX/X state decrement 10

(Choose two)

A.    The link will take over when …..
B.    X.X.X.3 is active becuse it has higher IP address
C.    when faX/x is down praiority will be 80
D.    it is using default hello and hold values

Answer: CD

Question about trunk configuration
int faX/X
switchport trunk allowed vlan x,x,x,x
switchport mode trunk
show vlan
VLAN Name Status Ports
— ——————–?—— ———————
1 default active Fa0/1, Fa0/3, Fa0/3, FaX/X
show interface trunk
(no output)

A.    link is shutdown
B.    interface needs no shutdown
C.    other side is configured as access port
D.    missing switchport command

Answer: A

What happens spoofed packet or something like untrusted packet is detected? (Choose three)

A.    log
B.    deletes
C.    intercepts
D.    accepts
E.    discad

Answer: ACE

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is configuring an etherchannel between two switches, he notices the error message on Switch 2 (error message channel-missconfiguring error), based on the output what is the problem?

A.    the etherchannel on the switch 1 using incorrect member port
B.    the etherchannel interface of switch 1 is not configured
C.    the etherchannel protocol on switch 1 is not correct
D.    the etherchannel interface of switch 2 is not configured

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
A.    See the exhibit

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question


A.    See the exhibit

Answer: A

When using EtherChannel misconfiguration guard, which technology is used to prevent this type of misconfiguration from affecting the network?

A.    LACP
B.    port security
C.    STP
D.    PAgP

Answer: A

What is the Ethernet frame size for 802.1Q?

A.    64
B.    128
C.    1518
D.    1522

Answer: D

How will the traffic reach the core switch from AS switch to DS core switch?
(Based on a topology shown with one core, two distribution and two access switches on each distribution switch, with redundant links and bandwidth mentioned.)

A.    ASW1 to DWS1 to core
B.    ASW1 to DWS2 to core

Answer: B

If HSRP group number is 45 what would be the MAC address?
(Basically conversion of digit to hexadecimal with group of 16.)

A.    00-00-0c-07-ac-2D

Answer: A
00-00-0c- 07-ac-2D

EtherChannel guard misconfig is configured on a switch, which technology supports that?

A.    LACP
B.    PagP
C.    STP
D.    Port Security

Answer: C

Select a valid VRRP configuration from a list of possible configurations.

A.    vrrp [group-number] ip [ip-address]
B.    vrrp [group-number] priority [priority]
C.    vrrp [group-number] preempt

Answer: ABC
You can eliminate configurations with the word `standby’, as that would be HSRP, not VRRP. Also, I think the options that put things like vrrp group 1 ip x.x.x.x are wrong.
You don’t need the word `group’ in the configuration line. The number 1 is the group number. Anyway, just take a good look a t a few valid VRRP configuration examples so that you will be able to recognize invalid ones.

Private VLANs (PVLANs) have two secondary VLAN types.

A.    community
B.    isolated

Answer: AB

What types of SDM templates you can use in switch? (Choose four)

A.    Access
B.    Default
C.    Routing
D.    VLANs

Answer: ABCD
+ Access – The access template maximizes system resources for access control lists (ACLs) to accommodate a large number of ACLs.
+ Default – The default template gives balance to all functions.
+ Routing – The routing template maximizes system resources for IPv4 unicast routing, typically required for a router or aggregator in the center of a network.
+ VLANs – The VLAN template disables routing and supports the maximum number of unicast MAC addresses. It would typically be selected for a Layer 2 switch.

What is the process to configure EtherChannel?

A.    shutdown both interface ports
B.    shutdown the interface on one side only

Answer: A

A question about spanning-tree port-priority.

A.    128
B.    129

Answer: A

Spanning-tree EtherChannel misconfiguration

A.    (config)#spanning-tree etherchannel guard misconfig
B.    (config-if)#spanning-tree etherchannel guard misconfig

Answer: A

There was another Exhibit about port priority- Core switch connected to 2 dis switches which connected 2 ASW. PC1 is connected to DSW1 and DSW2 (Root Bridge). Link connected from PC1 to DSW2 is 4Gbps and DSW1 is 10Gbps. There is etherchannel trunk between DSW1 and DSW2. Default port prioirty is configured.
Change in port priority so traffic goes through DSW1 to DSW2

A.    DSW1: spanning-tree port priority 16
B.    DSW1: interface g1/0
C.    DSW2: spanning-tree port priority 16
D.    DSW2: interface g1/0
E.    DSW1: spanning-tree port priority 0

Answer: AB

If EtherChannel guard is configured, how the interface status is (or looks like) if misconfigured?

A.    errdisabled
B.    shutdown

Answer: A

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