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When a call is placed from a Cisco VCS registered SIP-only endpoint to an H.323-only endpoint, which type of call license is consumed?

A.    traversal call
B.    non-traversal call
C.    on-net call
D.    interworking call
E.    off-net call
F.    Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing

Answer: A

Which protocol does the Cisco TelePresence Content Server use for call signaling?

A.    MGCP
B.    Cisco Proprietary
C.    SCCP
D.    H.323

Answer: D

XYZ Corporation has more than 1000 Cisco video endpoints and they want a high availability solution for scheduling and OBTP.
Which option do you recommend?

A.    standalone Cisco TelePresence Manager server
B.    cluster of Cisco TelePresence Manager servers
C.    standalone Cisco TelePresence Management Suite server
D.    cluster of Cisco TelePresence Management Suite servers in active/passive failover mode
E.    load-balanced cluster of Cisco TelePresence Management Suite servers
F.    Cisco Prime collaboration manager

Answer: D

In the H.264 video codec, which type of video frame is sent when the remote side requests a fast picture update?

A.    I-frame
B.    P-frame
C.    B-frame
D.    C-frame

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which system does this web user interface refer to?


A.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B.    Cisco Video Communications Server
C.    Cisco Digital Media Manager
D.    Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

Answer: D

Which description of medianet is true?

A.    A set of protocols that accelerate the delivery of media across the network
B.    A family of switches and routers that support multimedia applications
C.    When the network works together with the endpoints to scale, optimize, and enhance the performance of collaboration components
D.    A capability of the network to enhance video streaming quality
E.    A Cisco proprietary feature that is built on hardware DSP resources

Answer: C

Which benefits does the Capture-Transform-Share solution provide?

A.    voice conferencing services
B.    WAN optimization services
C.    security and firewall services
D.    video conferencing services
E.    DNS, DHCP, and AD services
F.    video on demand and video streaming services

Answer: F

Which video-bridging solution supports single-screen units and multiscreen systems and keeps multiscreen units grouped together logically during a call?

A.    Cisco MCU
B.    Cisco PVDM
C.    Cisco TelePresence Server
D.    Cisco TMS
E.    Cisco TCS

Answer: C

Which video-room solution supports internal and external microphones for audio transmission at the same time?

A.    MX300G2
B.    SX80
C.    SpeakerTrack60
D.    C90
E.    Jabber for Windows

Answer: A

An executive in XYZ Corporation wants to purchase a desktop video endpoint that can be used for conferencing, as well as a monitor when not in a conference.
Which option do you recommend?

A.    C20
B.    EX90
C.    C90
D.    SX80
E.    MX300 2nd generation
F.    Cisco TelePresence Profile Series endpoint

Answer: B

Which Cisco video endpoints run on the Android operating system?

A.    EX-Series
B.    DX-Series
C.    C-Series
D.    MXP-Series

Answer: B

Which three Cisco TelePresence endpoints are considered immersive endpoints? (Choose three.)

A.    TX9000
B.    EX90
C.    C20
D.    T3
E.    SX10
F.    CTS-3000
G.    Jabber Video for TelePresence

Answer: ADF

Which two Cisco TelePresence collaboration endpoints can improve communications, relationships, and user productivity? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco WebEx Connect IM
B.    Cisco Digital Media Players
C.    Cisco DX650
D.    Cisco MX300 G2

Answer: CD

Which personal Cisco TelePresence unit can be used as a replacement for a person’s computer monitor on their desk?

A.    EX90
B.    MX800
C.    TX9000
D.    SX10
E.    SX80

Answer: A

Which two codecs are supported on the Cisco Video Surveillance 6400E IP Camera? (Choose two.)

A.    H.263
B.    H.264
C.    H.265
D.    VP8
E.    G.711
F.    MP3
G.    G.729

Answer: BE

Which DHCP option is used by video endpoints to locate the Cisco Communications Manager TFTP server to download the endpoints configuration?

A.    option 43
B.    option 82
C.    option 150
D.    option 176
E.    option 242

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You are troubleshooting an issue involving Cisco SX20 and EX90.
You log in to the codec GUI to make test calls.
From which tab do you make test calls via the codec GUI?


A.    Diagnostics tab
B.    Maintenance tab
C.    Configuration tab
D.    Call Control tab
E.    Home tab
F.    Calls can be made only via the CLI.

Answer: D

A customer reports that in a CTS1300 room, a microphone switches to a segment that has no one talking.
Which step is first in the troubleshooting process?

A.    Replace the microphones to stop phantom switching.
B.    Reseat the microphone cables.
C.    Recalibrate the microphones.
D.    Reboot the codec.
E.    Replace the audio expansion box because the microphones connect to an AV expansion box.

Answer: C

On a Cisco EX90, if the camera is tilted downward toward the base of the unit, how is the image transmitted?

A.    black and white
B.    rotated 180 degrees
C.    with a 2.5x zoom
D.    Video transmission is disabled.

Answer: B

Your customer reports that new A/V equipment that plays movies cannot be displayed on their Cisco TelePresence endpoints.
This A/V equipment is connected to the Cisco TelePresence codec via an HDMI cable.
However, older A/V gear that uses composite cables is able to display content.
What is most likely the cause of this issue?

A.    The composite cables are faulty.
B.    TIP negotiation is failing between the A/V gear and the Cisco TelePresence device.
C.    The A/V gear is using HDCP to prevent illegal copying.
D.    The operating system for the A/V gear is not compatible with the operating system of the
Cisco TelePresence device.

Answer: C

Which two statements about PoE support on Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras are true? (Choose two.)

A.    PoE is not supported on the Cisco 6000 Series IP Cameras, and you must use a Cisco 12
VDC power adapter.
B.    PoE is not supported on the Cisco 6000 Series IP Cameras, and you must use third-party 24
VAC power adapter.
C.    The port switch must be 802.3at-compliant to power the camera.
D.    The port switch must be 802.3af-compliant to power the camera.
E.    The Cisco 6000 Series IP Camera requires a network cable and a connection to a standard 10/100BaseT-compliant PoE router or switch.

Answer: DE

Which call control device does the Cisco DX650 use?

A.    Video Communications Server
B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C.    Cisco TelePresence Server
D.    Cisco TelePresence Manager
E.    Video Communications Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco TelePresence Server

Answer: B

Which level of AES encryption does Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified Communications IM and Presence use?

A.    256 bit
B.    128 bit
C.    2048 bit
D.    8 bit
E.    512 bit

Answer: A

Which optional feature is available for some video endpoints to enable multiparty calls to be hosted directly on the local endpoint?

A.    WebEx enabled Cisco TelePresence
B.    Multiway
C.    Multisite
D.    MeetMe
E.    ad hoc

Answer: C

Which two endpoints support the multisite option? (Choose two.)

A.    C20
B.    SX10
C.    Jabber
D.    SX-20
E.    EX90
F.    EX60

Answer: DE

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