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Hotspot Question – RIPv2 Troubleshooting II
Examine the DHCP configuration between R2 and R3; R2 is configured as the DHCP server and R3 as the client. What is the reason R3 is not receiving the IP address via DHCP?

A.    On R2. The network statement In the DHCP pool configuration is incorrectly configured.
B.    On R3. DHCP is not enabled on the interface that is connected to R2.
C.    On R2, the interface that is connected to R3 is in shutdown condition.
D.    On R3, the interface that is connected to R2 is in shutdown condition.

Answer: B
Please check the below:


Which statement describes the effect of the overload keyword in the ip nat inside source list 90 interface ethernet 0/0 overload command?

A.    Addresses that match address list inside are translated to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface.
B.    Hosts that match access inside are translated to an address m the Ethernet 0/0 network.
C.    Hosts on the Ethernet 0/0 LAN are translated to the address pool in access list 90.
D.    Addresses that match access list 90 are translated through PAT to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface

Answer: D

Which statement describes the effect of the copy run start command on a router in enable mode?

A.    The running configuration of the router is saved to NVRAM and used during the boot process.
B.    The router reboots and loads the last saved running configuration.
C.    A copy of the running configuration of the router is sent by FTP to a designated server.
D.    A new running configuration is loaded from flash memory to the router.

Answer: A

After you configure a default route to the Internet on a router, the route is missing from the routing table. Which option describes a possible reason for the problem?

A.    The next-hop address is unreachable.
B.    The default route was configured on a passive interface.
C.    Dynamic routing is disabled.
D.    Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the interface used to reach the next hop.

Answer: A

You have configured the host computers on a campus LAN to receive their DHCP addresses form the local router to be able to browse their corporate site.
Which statement about the network environment is true?

A.    It supports a DNS server for use by DHCP clients.
B.    Two host computers may be assigned the same IP address.
C.    The DNS server must be configured manually on each host.
D.    The domain name must be configured locally on each host computer.

Answer: D

Which protocol verifies connectivity between two switches that are configured with IP addresses in the same network?

A.    ICMP
B.    STP
C.    VTP
D.    HSRP

Answer: A

On which OSI layer does a VLAN operate?

A.    Layer 1
B.    Layer 2
C.    Layer 3
D.    Layer 4

Answer: B

Which NAT command can be applied to an interface?

A.    ip nat inside
B.    ip nat inside test access-list-number pool pool-name
C.    ip nat inside source static
D.    ip nat pool test

Answer: A

Which technique can you use to route IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 infrastructure?

A.    NAT
B.    6to4 tunneling
C.    L2TPv3
D.    dual-stack

Answer: B

Which Ethernet interface command is present when you boot a new Cisco router for the first time?

A.    speed 100
B.    shutdown
C.    ip address
D.    duplex half

Answer: B

Which table displays the MAC addresses that are learned on a switch?

A.    FIB
B.    ARP
C.    TCAM
D.    CAM

Answer: D
The table is built by recording the source address and inbound port of all frames. As frames arrive on switch ports, the source MAC addresses are learned and recorded in the CAM table. The port of arrival and the VLAN are both recorded in the table, along with a timestamp. If a MAC address learned on one switch port has moved to a different port, the MAC address and timestamp are recorded for the most recent arrival port. Then, the previous entry is deleted. If a MAC address is found already present in the table for the correct arrival port, only its timestamp is updated.

Which statement is a Cisco best practice for switch port security?

A.    Vacant switch ports must be shut down.
B.    Empty ports must be enabled in VLAN 1.
C.    VLAN 1 must be configured as the native VLAN.
D.    Err-disabled ports must be configured to automatically re-enable.

Answer: A

Which NTP concept indicates the distance between a device and the reliable time source?

A.    clock offset
B.    stratum
C.    reference
D.    dispersion

Answer: B

Which command displays the number of times that an individual router translated an inside address to an outside address?

A.    show ip protocol 0
B.    show ip nat translation
C.    show counters
D.    show ip route
E.    show ip nat statistics

Answer: E

Which set of conditions comprises a successful ping attempt between two connected routers configured with IP addresses on the same subnet?

A.    The destination host receives an echo reply from the source host within one second and the source host receives an echo request from the destination host.
B.    The destination host receives an echo request from the source host within one second.
C.    The destination host receives an echo reply from the source host within one second and the source host receives an echo reply from the destination host within two seconds.
D.    The destination host receives an echo request from the source host and the source host receives an echo request from the destination host within one second.
E.    The destination host receives an echo request from the source host and the source host receives an echo reply from the destination host within two seconds.

Answer: E

What happens when the cable is too long?

A.    Baby Giant
B.    Late collision

Answer: B

Which two VLANs are reserved for system use only? (Choose two)

A.    1
B.    4095
C.    4096
D.    0
E.    1001

Answer: BD
The VLANs 0 and 4095 are reserved by the IEEE 802.1Q standard and you cannot create, delete, or modify them so they are the correct answers.
+ VLAN 0 and 4095 are reserved for system use only. You cannot see or use these VLANs.
+ VLAN 1 and VLANs 1002-1005 are default VLANs. Default VLANs are created automatically and cannot be configured or deleted by users.
+ VLAN 2 to 1001 are normal VLANs. You can create, use and delete them.
+ VLAN 1002 to 1005 are normal VLANs too but Cisco reserved for FDDI an Token Ring.

What is the requirement of configuring 6to4 tunnelling on two routers?

A.    Both ipv6 and ipv4 must be configured
B.    Only IPv6
C.    Only IPv4

Answer: A

Which name describes an IPV6 host-enable tunneling technique that uses IPV4 UDP,does not require dedicated gateway tunnels,and can pass through existing IPV4 NAT gateways?

A.    dual stack XX
B.    dynamic
C.    Teredo
D.    Manual 6to4

Answer: C

Which sequence begins a unique local IPv6 address in binary notation?

A.    00000000
B.    1111110
C.    1111100
D.    1111111

Answer: B

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