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A.    Provides remote connectivity to resources on the networkB.    Provides separate control and data connections between network resourcesC.    Provides mapping of user friendly names to network resourcesD.    Provides automated addressing to resources on the networkAnswer: CExplanation: QUESTION 577Which of the following wireless protocols is limited to operating in the 5 GHz range ONLY? A.    802.11aB.    802.11bC.    802.11gD.    802.11n Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 578Which of the following describes the expected properties of an asynchronous digital subscriber line service? A.    The data upload speed is faster than the data download speed.B.    The data download speed is faster than the data upload speed.C.    The data upload speed is the same as the data download speed.D.    The data throughput speed direction can be selected based on the user's discretion. Answer: BExplanation: (page 1, second last para) QUESTION 579Which of the following devices transmits data to all ports regardless of final destination? A.    FirewallB.    RouterC.    SwitchD.    Hub Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 580Which of the following features can be configured with keyboards to assist users with disabilities? A.    Pointer trailsB.    MagnifierC.    Sticky keysD.    Character map Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 581Which of the following connector types is associated with a fiber connection? A.    RJ-45B.    RJ-11C.    LCD.    HDMI Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 582Which of the following media types is LEAST likely to be affected by electromagnetic interference? A.    CoaxialB.    FiberC.    Wireless BD.    HSPA Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 583Which of the following BEST describes the function of DHCP? A.    Blocks MAC address with security violationsB.    Translates IP addresses to namesC.    Encrypts data traffic on a networkD.    Assigns IP addresses on a network Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 584Which of the following network types BEST represents a network centered around one individual? A.    LANB.    PANC.    CloudD.    MAN Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 585Which of the following expansion slots can ONLY be found on a desktop computer? A.    PCI expressB.    Express Card 34C.    Express Card 54D.    PCMCIA Answer: AExplanation:PCI Express slot is solely a desktop computer feature. The slot is on the motherboard that can be accessed easily. A laptop on the other hand has a compact casing so it is not possible to have a PCI express slot to insert a PCI card in it. QUESTION 586Which of the following laptop accessories would MOST likely be used to support multiple displays when the laptop hardware does not have multiple video outputs? A.    Docking stationB.    VGA to DVI converterC.    Adjustable monitor armD.    PCMCIA card Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 587Which of the following is MOST likely to be reset during a standard printer maintenance? A.    Print job cacheB.    Paper and tray settingsC.    Page countD.    Job queue Answer: CExplanation:It is important to reset page count during standard printer maintenance. This is to make sure you get the proper page count before and after the maintenance to check printer usage. QUESTION 588When unable to get an IP address from a server, which of the following represents an APIPA address that a PC might receive? A. Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 589Which of the following settings, when enabled, is MOST likely to result in an IP address conflict on a local network? A.    Custom DNS addressB.    QoS enabledC.    UPnP enabledD.    Static IP address Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 590Which of the following features makes logical processor cores appear as physical cores to the operating system? A.    XD-bitB.    HyperthreadingC.    MMU virtualizationD.    64-bit architecture Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 591Which of the following is typically installed by connecting multiple DVI and USB cables to it? A.    Touch screenB.    LCD panelC.    WebcamD.    KVM Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 592A user on a wireless network has the IP address but cannot connect to the Internet. Which of the following should the user check on the wireless router? A.    WPAB.    DHCPC.    WINSD.    DNS Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 593Which of the following devices on a home network should be placed in a DMZ? A.    Backup serverB.    Gaming serverC.    SmartphoneD.    Wireless printer Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 594Which of the following devices converts digital signals to analog ones? A.    ModemB.    SwitchC.    HubD.    Router Answer: AExplanation: (last paragraph on the page) QUESTION 595Which of the following printers is required when carbon paper is used? A.    InkjetB.    ThermalC.    LaserD.    Impact Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 596A user discovers that color laser prints are printing slightly off-color. Which of the following should help restore the appropriate colors? A.    Use different paperB.    Replace the fuserC.    Replace the duplexerD.    Calibrate the printer Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 597A technician must trace a network cable from a user's desk to the punch down block in the wiring closet. Which of the following tools would be the BEST choice? A.    Cable testerB.    MultimeterC.    Loopback plugD.    Toner probe Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 598A DSL modem MOST commonly uses which of the following media? A.    Cable TV coaxB.    Fiber optic cableC.    Wireless adapterD.    Household telephone lines Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 599A PC technician must upgrade memory from 2 GB to 4 GB in twenty Windows 7 notebook computers. Some of the laptops have DDR2 memory, and some have DDR3. The memory purchased for the upgrade is DDR3. Which of the following is the MOST likely outcome of this upgrade? A.    The DDR2 notebooks will work with DDR3 provided the DDR2 is installed in the first DIMM positions.B.    The DDR3 notebooks are the only ones that will accept the new memory.C.    The DDR2 memory will fit into the DIMM positions and work.D.    The DDR3 memory will not work correctly unless the CAS (CL) values are the same. Answer: BExplanation:A DDR3 memory can only work with other DDR3 chips. It cannot work with DDR2. Therefore, the DDR3 memory purchased can only be used to upgrade notebook computers that have DDR3 memory installed. QUESTION 600A technician must replace a 10/100 NIC in a Windows XP PC. The failed NIC is no longer available and a substitute 1 GB NIC will be used. Which of the following MUST be performed to accomplish the task? A.    The drivers for the new 1 GB NIC must be installed.B.    The NIC speed cannot exceed 10/100 and the PC must support digitally signed drivers.C.    The PC must be rated to support the 1 GB NIC speed.D.    The network cable must also be upgraded. Answer: AExplanation:Whenever you install a new device, you have to install its drivers so that it can work optimally. For 1GB NIC, install the latest drivers available. 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