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You notice that neighboring RIP IPv6 routers cannot reach OSPFv3 routes on R1.Which reason for the problem is most likely true?   A.    The redistribute command under the OSPF process is missingB.    The IPv6 RIP process is missing a redistribution route mapC.    The IPv6 process is missing an IPv6 RIP default metricD.    The redistribution metric is too largeAnswer: D QUESTION 322Which two statements about SPAN and RSPAN are true? (Choose two) A.    Only RSPAN is limited to monitoring VLANsB.    Only RSPAN can monitor extended VLANsC.    Only RSPAN sends monitored traffic to a dedicated VLAND.    Only SPAN is limited to monitoring switch portsE.    Only SPAN sends monitored traffic to a local physical port Answer: CE QUESTION 323Refer to the exhibit.If neighbor goes down,how does R1 handle traffic for the route?   A.    It removes the route without querying other neighborsB.    It uses the path through    It queries neighbor only for an alternate routeD.    It queries all neighbors for a new route Answer: D QUESTION 324Refer to the exhibit. You have configured R1 to connect to two different ISPs.Which allows remote users to access host A through both ISPs.Which Cisco IOS security feature can you configure on R1 to drop requests from the attacker to host A?   A.    uRPF strict modeB.    port securityC.    IP source guardD.    uRPF loose mode Answer: D QUESTION 325Which are three basic elements of Cisco Performance Monitor?(Choose three) A.    flow recordB.    policyC.    SLAD.    border routerE.    master controllerF.    class Answer: ABF QUESTION 326Refer to the exhibit. To which undesirable condition can router R1 be vulnerable?   A.    Denial of service attacksB.    Unicast floodingC.    Man-in-the-middle attacksD.    Asymmetric routingE.    IP address spoofing Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 327If you configure EIGRP redistribution on a router without specifying metric values, how does the router respond? A.    It assigns the lowest possible metricsB.    It uses K values to assign new metricsC.    It fails to enter redistributed routes into route tableD.    It uses the originating protocol metrics Answer: C QUESTION 328Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop each IPv6 tunneling mechanism from the left onto the correct characteristic on the right   Answer:   QUESTION 329Two routers are connected on a PPP link using CHAP authentication by default which value will the routers use as their identification on the link? A.    Their hostnamesB.    Their IP address on the connected linkC.    Their interface numbersD.    Their serial numbers Answer: A QUESTION 330Which component of a GETVPN deployment is responsible for obtaining an IPsec SA to encrypt data within a group? A.    Group memberB.    Key ServerC.    GDOID.    GRE Answer: C QUESTION 331Which PIM multicast type is designed to be used for many-to-many applications within individual PIM domains? A.    PIM-DMB.    Bidir-PIMC.    PIM-SMD.    SSM Answer: B QUESTION 332Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and Drop each statement about routing protocols from the left onto the correct routing protocol on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 333Refer to the exhibit. After you configured DHCP snooping to block a rouge DHCP server from assigning IP addresses to devices on your network you notice that all ports on the switch are still trusted. Which action can you take to correct the problem?   A.    Disable DHCP snooping on all VLANsB.    Disable DHCP snooping on VLAN 1 onlyC.    Remove the ipdhcp snooping trust command from all interface on the switch except the interface that connects to the company DHCP serverD.    Configure the ipdhcp snooping rate limited command to rate-limit the interface that connects to the rouge DHCP server Answer: D QUESTION 334Which tunneling method can transmit IPv6 traffic over an MPLS infrastructure? A.    6PEB.    6to4C.    ISATAPD.    6RD Answer: A QUESTION 335Which IPv6 solution provides network information to clients without providing an IPv6 host address? A.    autoconfigurationB.    stateless DHCPv6C.    stateful DHCPv6D.    prefix delegation Answer: A QUESTION 336Which two statements about PPP CHAP authentication are true? (Choose two) A.    It is a one-way authentication methodB.    It uses a secret password, which is sent across the link for authenticationC.    It supports clear-text passwordsD.    It is configurable only on PPP callout linksE.    It uses a configured username and password to authenticate a host Answer: AE QUESTION 337Refer to the exhibit. After you applied this configuration to R1 and R2, they failed to form an IS-IS adjacency. Which reason for the problem is most likely true?   A.    The network statements are mismatchedB.    The IP subnets are mismatchedC.    The bandwidth is mismatchedD.    The MTUs are mismatched Answer: D QUESTION 338After you configure split horizon on an EIGRP hub-and-spoke network. You notice that some routes are missing on the spoke routers. Which two actions can you take to correct the problem? (Choose two) A.    Increase the Hello and Hold timers on the connections between the routersB.    Configure unicast neighbor statements on both the hub and the spokesC.    Disable split horizon on the spoke router interfaces onlyD.    Disable split horizon on the hub router interface onlyE.    Configure the summary address command on the hub routerF.    Define a separate subinterface on the hub router for each spoke Answer: DF QUESTION 339Which technology must be enabled on an interface before L2TPv3 can operate correctly? A.    OSPFB.    MPLSC.    CEFD.    STP Answer: C QUESTION 340Refer to the exhibit. Which two possible reasons why the administrator is unable to log into the switch remotely are true? (Choose two)   A.    An ACL is configured to reject connections from PC1B.    The user is using the incorrect usernameC.    SSH is disabledD.    The Telnet VTY lines are busyE.    The Baud rate is misconfigured Answer: CD More free Lead2pass 400-101 exam new questions on Google Drive: Lead2pass is a good website that provides all candidates with the latest IT certification exam materials. Lead2pass will provide you with the exam questions and verified answers that reflect the actual exam. The Cisco 400-101 exam dumps are developed by experienced IT professionals. 99.9% of hit rate. 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