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A.    use ISL encapsulationB.    use 802.1q encapsulationC.    set ISL to desirable and auto with encapsulation negotiate to support ILS protocol negotiationD.    use VTP server mode to support dynamic propagation of VLAN information across the networkE.    set DTP to desirable and desirable with encapsulation negotiate to support DTP protocol negotiation.Answer: BEExplanation:As a recommended practice, when configuring switch-to-switch interconnections to carry multiple VLANs,set Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) to Desirable and Desirable with Encapsulation Negotiate to support DTP negotiation. QUESTION 252Which security feature can help prevent spoofed packets on the network? A.    uRPFB.    ACLsC.    DAID.    DHCP spoofing Answer: A QUESTION 253A company requires redundancy for its multihomed BGP external connections. What two features can be configured on the WAN routers to automate failover for both outbound and inbound traffic? (Choose two.) A.    AS path prependingB.    local preferenceC.    floating static routeD.    HSRPE.    MEDF.    weight Answer: AB QUESTION 254A network design engineer has been asked to reduce the size of the SPT on an IS-IS broadcast network. Which option should the engineer recommend to accomplish this task? A.    Configure the links as point-to-multipoint.B.    Configure QoS in all links.C.    Configure a new NET address.D.    Configure the links as point-to-point. Answer: D QUESTION 255An organization is designing the IP allocation of a new site. It currently has 12 separate IP segments. Each segment must be /24, accommodate 25% of growth, and be easily summarized.Which summarized IP block can be subnetted to meet these requirements? A.    /18B.    /19C.    /20D.    /21 Answer: C QUESTION 256What are the two methods of ensuring that the RPF check passes? (Choose two.) A.    implementing static mroutesB.    implementing OSPF routing protocolC.    implementing MBGPD.    disabling the interface of the router back to the multicast sourceE.    disabling BGP routing protocol Answer: ACExplanation:RPF is checking does the multicast traffic comes from shortest path, due to avoid loop. It checks it according to routing table and underlying IGP. So if it is needed to send traffic between subnets you can use static routes or OSPF as underlying protocol. QUESTION 257A BGP network is having difficulty scaling with the full mesh peer requirement. What two iBGP alternates can scale BGP appropriately? (Choose two.) A.    communitiesB.    route reflectorsC.    confederationsD.    peer groupsE.    peer templates Answer: BC QUESTION 258A designer should have which three technologies in the network before configuring MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose three.) A.    MPLSB.    LDPC.    Cisco Express ForwardingD.    VSSE.    vPCF.    VRRP Answer: ABC QUESTION 259When a Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance is configured for active/standby failover, which MAC address is used for the active unit? A.    the MAC address of the primary unitB.    the MAC address of the secondary unitC.    the virtual MAC addressD.    the standby MAC address Answer: A QUESTION 260Which statement about the ToR design model is true? A.    It can shorten cable runs and simplify rack connectivity.B.    Each ToR switch must be individually managed.C.    Multiple ToR switches can be interconnected to provide a loop-free spanning-tree infrastructure.D.    It can connect servers that are located in separate racks. Answer: A QUESTION 261Voice and video-conferencing applications that support multistreaming use which protocol? A.    TCPB.    RTPC.    Multipath TCPD.    SCTP Answer: DExplanation:SCTP : Stream Control Transmission Protocol QUESTION 262Drag and Drop QuestionDrag the rule on the left to match the appropriate activity on the right.  Answer:   QUESTION 263Which two features can you implement to control which networks are advertised by a BGP router? (Choose two.) A.    prefix listsB.    route mapsC.    policy mapsD.    router SNMP statementsE.    crypto maps Answer: AB QUESTION 264Which three authentication services are supported by Cisco NAC Appliance? (Choose three.) A.    RADIUSB.    LDAPC.    KerberosD.    TACACS+E.    localF.    SNMP Answer: ABCExplanation:Working with Existing Backend Authentication Servers When working with existing backend authentication servers, Cisco supports the following authentication protocol types:·Kerberos·RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) ·Windows NT (NTLM Auth Server)·LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 47cam-book/m_auth.html QUESTION 265In what situation must spanning-tree be implemented? A.    when first hop redundancy protocol exists with redundant Layer 2 links between distribution switchesB.    when a VLAN spans access layer switches to support business applicationsC.    when trunks need to extend multiple VLANs across access switchesD.    when it is necessary to speed up network convergence in case of link failure Answer: BExplanation: may need to implement STP for several reasons:·When a VLAN spans access layer switches to support business applications; QUESTION 266What is an advantage of using the Cisco FabricPath feature in a data center environment? A.    VSS does not have to be configured.B.    Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links can be configured simultaneously.C.    Equal-Cost Multipath can be used to choose the forwarding path.D.    The control plane and management plane remain separate. Answer: C QUESTION 267Which two features provide resiliency in a data center? (Choose two.) A.    Cisco FabricPathB.    VTPC.    encryptionD.    vPCE.    VRF Answer: AD QUESTION 268Which two options correct when using VSS to combine two physical switches into one logical switch? (Choose two) A.    Both data planes forward traffic simultaneously.B.    Only one data plane forwards traffic, while the other data plane is on standby.C.    Both control planes forward traffic simultaneously.D.    Control planes are combined into one virtual control plane. Answer: AD QUESTION 269Why is QoS important for in-band management? A.    It supports remote management when traffic volume is high.B.    It supports proper routing.C.    It supports network security against DoS attacks and worm outbreaks.D.    It supports network redundancy. Answer: A QUESTION 270Which VPN technology supports dynamic creation of spoke-to-spoke VPN tunnels to provide a scalable design? A.    IPsecB.    GRE over IPsecC.    DMVPND.    GRE Answer: C QUESTION 271Which statement best describes Cisco OTV internal interfaces? A.    They are Layer 2 interfaces that are configured as either access or trunk interfaces on the switch.B.    They are interfaces that perform Layer 3 forwarding with aggregation switches.C.    They are the interfaces that connect to the ISP.D.    They are tunnel interfaces that are configured with GRE encapsulation. Answer: AExplanation:"Internal Interfaces To perform OTV functionality, the edge device must receive the Layer 2 traffic for all VLANs that need to be extended to remote locations. The Layer 2 interfaces, where the Layer 2 traffic is usually received, are named internal interfaces" QUESTION 272Which option is a method of restricting access for users based on user roles and locales? A.    RBACB.    ACEC.    LDAPD.    RADIUS Answer: A QUESTION 273Which option does best practice dictate for the maximum number of areas that an OSPF router should belong to for optimal performance? A.    1B.    2C.    3D.    4E.    5 Answer: C QUESTION 274Which ISP technology can be implemented as a service when designing a topology to perform extranet connectivity via multitenant segmentation from within a corporate intranet? A.    Cisco Easy VPNB.    GRE over IPsecC.    MPLSD.    VTIE.    VPNaaS Answer: C QUESTION 275What are two advantages of using Cisco FEX devices in the data center design? (Choose two.) A.    Traffic-forwarding decisions are made by the Cisco FEX device.B.    Cisco FEX devices must be upgraded when the parent switch is upgraded.C.    Traffic-forwarding decisions are made by the parent switch, resulting in easier troubleshooting and centralized management.D.    Cisco FEX devices do not have to be upgraded when the parent switch is upgraded, resulting in cost savings.E.    Cisco FEX devices can be part of two different VDCs. Answer: CD All the 300-320 exam questions are 100% verified by their experts team. So there is no chances of errors. So you can prepare your 300-320 exam without any hesitation. 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