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In which of the following locations would a technician go to show file extensions?

A.    Security Center
B.    Folder Options
C.    Display
D.    System

Answer: B
Explanation: 2

After being relocated to an enclosed position under a desk, a computer experiences intermittent shutdowns. Which of the following conditions is MOST likely the cause?

A.    Power surges
B.    Overheating
C.    APIPA addressing
D.    RF interference

Answer: B
Explanation: 3

A technician is fixing a very slow computer. Antivirus and Malware programs have been run, and some detections have been removed. After running Disk Cleanup, the system still seems to be slow, especially with multiple programs running.
Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A.    Run CHKDSK
B.    Manually erase all cookies
C.    Go back to the latest restore point
D.    Run defrag

Answer: D
Explanation: 4

A technician needs to use a command line tool to determine the network name and the IP address of a resource.
Which of the following command line tools will provide an IP address when given a name?

A.    verify
B.    tracert
C.    ipconfig
D.    nslookup

Answer: D
Explanation: 5

A user wants to configure their network to support VoIP.
Which of the following would BEST support a VoIP installation?

A.    QoS
B.    POTS
C.    Wake-on-LAN
D.    VPN

Answer: A
Explanation: 6

A user is concerned about an issue with iOS.
The user MOST likely has which of the following devices?

A.    iCloud
B.    Android Phone
C.    iPhone
D.    Windows Tablet

Answer: C
Explanation: 7

A user has installed a legacy application in Windows 7 and reports that only some of the functionality in it is operational. Another user is using the same application on a different Windows 7 machine and doesn't report those problems.
Which of the following features in Windows 7 may be responsible for this problem?

A.    System Protection settings
B.    User Account Control
C.    Action Center
D.    Data Execution Prevention

Answer: B
Explanation: 8

A user reports that they are getting frequent delayed write messages throughout the day and are experiencing sluggish performance. The technician suspects that the issue relates to the hard disk drive. Which of the following would BEST help validate the diagnosis?

A.    System information
B.    Event viewer
C.    POST card
D.    SMART status

Answer: D
Explanation: 9

A user states that they are having a problem with their word processor on their laptop. Whenever they attempt to type letters with their right hand, numbers and symbols show up instead. Which of the following would address this issue?

A.    Switch to a standardized font
B.    Restore regional settings to default
C.    Toggle the function + num lock combination
D.    Connect a full sized external keyboard

Answer: C
Explanation: 10

Which of the following security threats is defined by its self propagating characteristic?

A.    Virus
B.    Rootkit
C.    Trojan
D.    Worm

Answer: D
Explanation: 11

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