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You need to identify a characteristic of a standard SLA.What should you identify? A.    The SLA can be paused-B.    The status can be tracked directly from the case form .C.    Actions can be triggered based on specific success catena .D.    The failure time is tracked .Answer: D QUESTION 22You have a customer who purchased two support contracts from your organization. One support contract is for a product named ProductA and the other support contract is for a product named ProductB. You need to ensure that only a contact named Contact1 can open cases for ProductA and only a contact named Contact2 can open cases for Products.What should you use? A.    routing rulesB.    entitlementsC.    service level agreements (SLAs)D.    parent-child inheritance rules Answer: B QUESTION 23You have two sites.You need to ensure that all of the resources for a scheduling activity are from the same site.What should you use? A.    a selection ruleB.    a resource groupC.    a service level agreement (SLA)D.    a field security profile Answer: C QUESTION 24You plan to create a service activity.You need to identify which types of participant can have defined work hours.Which two participant types should you identify?Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    resource groupB.    siteC.    userD.    equipment Answer: BC QUESTION 25You implement Unified Service Desk in your Dynamics CRM organization. You need to add a button to a Unified Service Desk toolbar that will load a CRM page to a hosted control when the button is clicked.What are two Unified Service Desk components that you can use to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    formsB.    action callsC.    scriptletsD.    Window navigation rules Answer: AB QUESTION 26You are a customer service representative.You use the interactive service hub and a multi-stream interactive dashboard. At the beginning of your shift, you need to view the high-priority open cases and to move them to one queue. What should you do first? A.    Perform an Advanced Find.B.    Perform a Global Search.C.    Apply a hierarchal view.D.    Apply a global filter. Answer: D QUESTION 27You work for a call center that uses Dynamics CRM for case management. You need to recommend a solution that meets the following requirements: - Provides customer service representatives with a pop-up window initiated by the phone system- Provides a mechanism to view data*from several different line-of-business applications based on contextual information in CRM Which technology should you include in the recommendation? A.    the interactive service hubB.    FieldOneC.    Microsoft ParatureD.    Unified Service Desk Answer: B QUESTION 28You have a service that is used to schedule the delivery of products to local customers.The service contains a resource group. The resource group contains equipment that represents 10 delivery vans. You need to ensure that you maximize the use of each delivery van. while performing as many dcllvenes as possible.What should you configure? A.    a selection rule as Least BusyB.    the available capacity of the service scheduling ruleC.    the van work hours as non-overlappingD.    a selection rule as Most Busy Answer: D QUESTION 29You have an equipment resource for a forklift.Several scheduling activities are configured to use the forklift.The forklift breaks down and is sent for repairs.You set the work hours for the forklift to unavailable. You need to identify what will occur to the scheduling activities that require the forklift.What should you identify? A.    The scheduling activities will be added to a queue.B.    The scheduling activities will continue as scheduled.C.    The scheduling activities will be scheduled automatically for the next available time.D.    The scheduling activities will be deactivated. Answer: D QUESTION 30Your Dynamics CRM organization uses the interactive service hub. You need to identify which security role must be assigned to you before you can create a new interactive dashboard.What are two possible security roles that will achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Activity FeedsB.    System AdministratorC.    System CustomizerD.    Customer Service Manager Answer: C QUESTION 31You plan to create a service activity.You need to identify which resources can be added to the service activity. What are two possible resources that you can add to the service activity? Each correct answer presents a complete solution, A.    a userB.    a territoryC.    a business unitD.    a facility Answer: A QUESTION 32You have a Dynamics CRM organization.You need to recommend which technology can be used to integrate CRM to a telephony system and to provide call scripts from within CRM cases.Which technology should you recommend? A.    Microsoft ParatureB.    the Engagement HubC.    the interactive service hubD.    the Integrated Desktop Agent Answer: D QUESTION 33You need to identify what will occur when you attempt to create a service appointment that contains a resource outside of the assigned work hours of the resource.What should you identify? A.    A message that the appointments outside of work hours will appear, and the resource will t>e removed automatically from the appointment when you save the appointment.B.    The appointment will be saved successfully and the manager of the resource will receive a notification by email.C.    A message that the appointment is outside of work hours will appear, and you will be prompted to edit the work hours of the resource.D.    A message that the appointment is outside of work hours will appear, and you will be able to save the appointment. Answer: D QUESTION 34Your team uses the Dynamics CRM knowledge base. You do not use the interactive service hub. You are working with a customer to resolve an issue.You need to provide the customer with an article from the knowledge base.What should you do? A.    From the article, click Email a Link.B.    From the article, click Share.C.    From the article, click Copy a link.D.    Create an email and click Insert Article. Answer: A QUESTION 35You have a routing rule set that routes cases to various queues. The rule set is activated. You need to identify in which scenarios the routing rule will be applied to a case. Which three scenarios should you Identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    when multiple cases are selected and Apply Routing Rule is clicked.B.    when a new case is created by using an Automatic Record Creation Rule.C.    when the record is assigned to a new user.D.    when Save 81 Route is clicked from within a record.E.    when a new case is created manually and Save is clicked from within the case. Answer: ABD QUESTION 36You quality a lead for a business account.After several conversations with the business contact you discover that the business used a different vendor.Which record should you deactivate? A.    opportunityB.    leadC.    contactD.    account Answer: A QUESTION 37You need to identify which type of object can be associated to sales territories. Which type of object should you identify? A.    OpportunitiesB.    UsersC.    LeadsD.    FacilitiesE.    Teams Answer: B QUESTION 38You have a Dynamics CRM organization that contains the following charts: - A tag chart named Chart1 that displays keywords from case titles- A funnel chart named Chart2 that displays case resolution times - A line chart named Chart3 that displays priorities- A doughnut chart named Chart4 that displays the number of cases by priority You need to identify which charts can be added to a personal dashboard. What are two possible charts that you can add? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Chart1B.    Chart2C.    Chart3D.    Chart4 Answer: D QUESTION 39You are viewing the Service Activity Volume report from Report Viewer in Dynamics CRM. You need to identify which action can be performed from Report Viewer.Which action should you identify? A.    Add an activity.B.    Synchronize to Microsoft Outlook.C.    Resolve a case.D.    Export to Microsoft Excel. Answer: C QUESTION 40Your company deploys Dynamics CRM.All of the employees who perform service calls for customers use CRM.You plan to deploy FieldOne.You need to identify a benefit of deploying FieldOne.What should you identify? A.    reduces the number of service callsB.    reduces the use of social technologyC.    reduces the use of web portals and mobile appsD.    reduces the fuel costs of the service calls Answer: B At Lead2pass we verify that 100% of the MB2-714 exam questions in exam test prep package are real questions from a recent version of the MB2-714 test you are about to take. We have a wide library of MB2-714 exam dumps. 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