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QUESTION 21You have created an information space in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer but the information space is not available on the Home page.How can you make the information space available on the Home page? A.    Drag the information space to the Home pageB.    Refresh the list of information spaces on the Home pageC.    Select the "Show on Home page" checkbox in the information space propertiesD.    Index the information space again Answer: BC QUESTION 22If you want to create or drop tables in a schema, which privilege type do you need? A.    SYSTEMB.    ANALYTICC.    PACKAGED.    SQL Answer: D QUESTION 23How can you improve the quality of your information model design? A.    Use “case' or ‘if' statements whenever possible.B.    Use row-based database expressions.C.    Design your views to be reusable.D.    Modularize your views.E.    Avoid duplications in your modeling. Answer: CDE QUESTION 24If you notice, Unique Constraint Error while loading flat file then A.    Modify the table and remove primary keyB.    Modify column with different data typeC.    Convert column table to row table or vice versaD.    Check the data for this Constraint and make sure there are no duplicate values Answer: D QUESTION 25In which tool can you create information spaces for reporting? A.    in the SAP HANA modeler perspectiveB.    in the SAP HANA SQL editorC.    in SAP BusinessObjects ExplorerD.    in the Information Design Tool Answer: C QUESTION 26You have to extract entities such as persons, countries, products, and places from business text such as PDF files.Which of the following tools in SAP HANA can you use? A.    Full-text search UI toolkitB.    Python-based text analysis scriptsC.    Fuzzy searchD.    Application function libraries Answer: B QUESTION 27How can you generate documentation of your information models? A.    Right-click on your information model and select the Auto Documentation function.B.    Use the Export SQL button in the column view of your information model.C.    Right-click on the column view of your information model and select the export function.D.    Use the Auto Documentation button in your information model. Answer: AD QUESTION 28Which of the following are direct outputs of an analytic view? A.    HierarchiesB.    Private attributesC.    Restricted attributesD.    MeasuresE.    Attribute views Answer: BDE QUESTION 29When you use SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) replication, which of the following can you set up in the advanced replication settings? A.    Change a character field length of a table.B.    Change the target table for specific records of a table.C.    Assign a specific mass transfer ID to a table.D.    Add a field to a table. Answer: AD QUESTION 30When building a business layer to report on SAP HANA, what do you have to do if you want to display more than 5,000 rows? A.    Remove all filters from the analytic views.B.    Deactivate the Limit Size of Result Set parameter in the Central ManagementC.    Console.D.    Set the Array Fetch Size parameter to the maximum in the relational connection.E.    Deactivate the Limit Size of Result Set parameter in the business layer. Answer: D All SAP C_HANAIMP151 exam questions are the new checked and updated! In recent years, the C_HANAIMP151 certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies. Want to become a certified SAP professional? 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